Belle and Adam at Christmastime

Resolutions 2014!

Well this is a bit late but here it is.

  1. Get one story finished and started posting.  Which story is up to me.  Feel free to prod me on the ones you're interested in. (I'll post a list of the ones I'm working on these days).

  2. Buy and move into a new house by the end of the year.  We've held off on this for far, FAR too long.

  3. Birthday parties for both boys.  After my experience when I was younger and no one showed up to one I planned myself I don't want that experience for the boys.

  4. Get the living room clean with minimal toys. (that's a bit generalized and I'll be happy if I get it that way four or five times this year.)

  5. Make dinner at home for a full month.  This one's just so I can compare it against a standard month (where we eat out about once a month).  In addition to this one, try and come up with taste-alike crust and such for Papa John's (I like their food, not the founder's philosophy in business so much.)

  6. Schedule at least one date night without the boys at home a month.

  7. Try to read more books that are NOT for the boys.  I've got to feel a bit more adult.

  8. Do more research on breweries/brewing history or newspapers in Cape Girardeau.

  9. Split and re-write my senior paper on the Cape Girardeau newspapers into two articles to submit to the Heartland Heritage Collection (which is the local history museum's collection of historical anecdotes.)

Belle and Adam at Christmastime

2013 in Review...

After a long, LONG hiatus I'm finally in the mood to post something.  I let my LJ go for TOO long.  I have had so many different things happen this year!

January: War'n Peace has his first birthday.  We didn't invite any children other than his cousin (who lives too far away to make it) as we didn't know anyone his own age.  Instead we invited family and close friends over.  He didn't seem to mind too much.  I also started classes for the final time in my bachelors degree, taking a History of Mass Media course.

February: I get hit with exciting news, I was expecting!  Felt sick the whole time, thus ruining any potential birthday date-night.

March: Go to see my mother-in-law out where she lives for a week, sadly missing a comic con in St. Louis where Dean Cain was going to make an appearance.

April: the Cape Girardeau Comic-Con, was lots of fun.  Sadly, I did not have my "Lois and Clark: Ultra Woman" costume done by that point and my body had already started going bonkers, making the unitard base irrelevant.  Maybe 2014 it will be ready.

May: I Graduate!  I didn't walk as that was happening the exact same day that Vickie was going to Walk (she graduated from my mother's alma mater) on Mother's Day weekend.  Instead, we made a trip up to St. Louis to see my sister and have brunch with my (91 year old) grandma and my Aunt and Uncle from Oregon.

June: Man of Steel is released!  Went to see it the Thursday before though the Walmart premiere at 8pm that night.  It was the first date night we'd had since finding out I was pregnant.  The next morning I drive off to Carbondale to hop on an Amtrak bus to Chicago to meet htbthomas and argentum to see it with fellow fans.  It was fun to see all of the easter eggs in it and talk about it with people that enjoyed Superman.  Also posted the first  part of a Reeve-specific story that jumps off from the point Clark loses his powers.  I haven't yet posted it here because it still needs to see the light of a beta before I'm ready.  The blurb on my LJ is from that story.

August: I get sick and have to go into the hospital to be put on fluids to keep myself from being dehydrated and having an extremely early delivery.

September: I have a near repeat of that morning in August after going to a parade with my (then one and a half year old) son and get overheated.  After drinking almost a gallon of water the contractions slow down significantly but don't stop.  Instead I spend the day at a relatives house just in case things went south again.  They don't.  Two days before my due date I wake up, make me and my son breakfast.  After eating I stand up and "boom" goes the first real contraction I've felt since those dehydration events that sent me worriedly to the hospital.  And hour later we load both myself and my son into the car where I tote myself up to the L&D area while my husband waits with our son before his relative comes to pick him up.  My husband came upstairs just in time for them to officially admit me.  Only three hours later Solomon Lionel Cody is born at 1:20pm.  He's surprised me with being able to sleep 6-8 hours at night despite being a purely breastfed baby.

October: We have an extremely wet Halloween, complete with Solomon in the Bjorn (a front-facing baby carrier) dressed to look like a Silver Beetle.  War'N Peace was a little lion.  He got his costume soaked after we went to the library for their little Halloween Costume Parade.  I changed him and sent him to bed for naptime while it dried out and it was ready when he went out with his daddy while I stayed home with Solomon and gave out Candy.  I had the news on because there had been threats of more rain.  It was a good thing I did because about a half-hour before dusk, I found out there was a confirmed tornado headed our way.  I called my hubby to tell him to get them home only to find out.... he left his cell at home!  Luckily about five minutes after the HEAVY rain he burst in through the back door carrying War'n no worse for the wear, if only a little wet.

November: Nothing too special, except hitting my head (hard) on a wall at church while trying to carry my one son and urge my second up to the balcony.

December: Get admonished to keep control of my (not even) 2 year old during church service and not make others do it for me.  Go to an engagement party for my step-sister that included a traditional Indian Puj ceremony (only a few days before Christmas) and go to a party Christmas Eve at my dad's that was EXTREMELY cozy (far less space that even my family's Christmas parties used to be before mom passed and dad remarried with far MORE people than our house ever hosted for Christmas).  New Year's Eve was at a friend's house (who lives adjacent to us).

Expect a resolution post to be posted soon.

Belle and Adam at Christmastime

Sorry I've been MIA for a while...

I have just been mentally busy with keeping War'N Peace occupied that the only way I can get online (besides for reading purposes) is through hubby's IPad.  As we don't have any add-on pieces (keyboards, etc) it's a bear to get anything written on it.  So I'll try and give a quick update.

1) Went to see "Man of Steel on Thursday June 13th.  I enjoyed it but was withholding judgement on it until I saw it on Friday with htbthomas and argentum_ls

2) Took the train up from Carbondale to Chicago to meet up with htbthomas and argentum_ls so we could all see it together and meet each other.  I had a really fun time despite the baby starting to make walking around difficult.  When I got to the Chicago Union Station I knew for certain that a major scene was filmed there.  I distinctly recognized it.  Unfortunately I accidentally left my fanfic that I was working on while on the train and my wallet in argentum's vehicle (luckily I had backup cash and card in my backup in case of just this sort of situation) so other than having to make an extra trip out to argentum's family the next day all was not lost.  htbthomas and I spent the morning and early afternoon at the Field museum before heading back to our hotel room to relax and then head out to argentum's family's place.  That was a minor adventure (for me) in and of itself.  I said my farewells to htbthomas at the suburban train line before heading back.  Unfortunately the McCormick Place stop is not an option to get off at on the weekends so I had to trek back from the Museums stop to get back to the hotel.  By that point I was a little too tired to try and go back out for dinner so I just had my leftovers from lunch and relaxed in the hotel room (thank god our room had a mini fridge!)  Next morning I took the buses out to Union Station and headed home.  I had upgraded my seat to a business class seat when I purchased my train tickets because it was the exact same price as the general seat that I had going into Chicago.  I was glad I did.  I was able to relax and my back was given a break in a way that it wasn't on the way up.  Made it home with no real difficulties.  I think I'll be taking the train again in the future if I decide to make a Chicago trip again (at least one on my own).

3) Went to an old friend's baby meet and greet yesterday.  I hadn't seen her in years but I'd talked to her for a while online.  Met her new husband and her one month old.  He was absolutely adorable!

4) We're about two months away from the due date and NO we do NOT have a name picked out.  We have a spreadsheet of over 50 names, many of which were rejected the last round.  We have a while (we didn't pick out War'N Peace's first and middle name until we were in the hospital waiting for the time for him to be born.)

4) I just saw the news yesterday about the sequel to Man of Steel (that may not technically be a sequel but a Batman reboot/Superman team-up).  I'm not keen on this.  I think it's rushing things to make a teamup before establishing the characters fully.  I mean Ironman had two films to his name before they added in Thor and Captain America to make "The Avengers" (I've seen all of them, and only one of them on the home screen).  I seriously think they're rushing it and going to lose out in the long run.  I would have been excited for a MoS sequel that stood on it's own feet.  There were so many things hinted at within that universe and not enough hints towards an outgrowth of it yet.  By adding in Batman before those establishing hints they are jumping the gun.  I've taken a day to process the news and I think this a little disconcerting.
Belle and Adam at Christmastime

This is my "oh what an afternoon" Rant...

I have had a fun (sarcasm semi-intended) afternoon and evening today.

I went to take my sixteen month old out to my favorite hobby shop so I get him ready to go (actually was not that bad) and get out to our van and him strapped in.  I go to turn on my vehicle and.... nothing.  Nada.  The battery was kaput.  I figured it had to have been an accident on my part (I'm known for forgetting to turn off the headlights during the rain) and that things would be resolved when my husband came home for lunch and gave me a jump.  Uh. Uh.  Wouldn't even click of give any indication that it was working.  So we pullk the battery out and after dropping hubby off at work War'N Peace and I head over to Wal-Mart so they can figure out whether it's a battery problem or something else.  it had only 4 amps out of 700.  So they go to try and charge it and it goes into a major testing mode, making it so it wouldn't be done by the time I had to go pick hubby up from work (the fact that they were testing it didn't bother me because we needed to get a few staples to fill in the gaps.)  After going to pick up hubby, we head back to Wal-Mart to find out whether the battery was bad.  Apparently the testing said that it was a bad battery and needed to be replaced.  So they went and replaced it (as no cost to us) because it was less than three years old.  So we get home and place the battery back where it belongs and try to start it up.  The van alarm goes crazy.  Hubby and I are shouting over the horn to be heard (I needed to find my keys that I apparently had misplaced after we tried to charge the van.)  I couldn't find it and hubby accidentally locks both his and my backup set of keys into the van by accident.  On top of that, hubby had locked his car at some point making it so NEITHER vehicle was accessible.

The little silver lining in the situation: While I was not able to find my car keys (they're the only ones with the security fob for the van) I managed to find the valet key for my hubby's car so he can at least get to work in a pinch.

Sometimes I hate having ADHD.
Belle and Adam at Christmastime

War'N Through the Years and other News.

So after that last post I learned some new news!  

War'N Peace in Daddy's arms

The image to the left is from when War'N Peace was only a few minutes old.  He was just getting his bearings on the world around him.   It had been snowing through the night and there was a small dusting of snow on the ground when he came into the world.  

Now look at him!  DSCN1507DSCN1509DSCN1544DSCN1547DSCN1548DSCN1618</a>He's a year old now.  His birthday was only a few weeks ago.  And now we have even more news.  Apparently I'm pregnant again.  He's going to have a little brother or sister to cuddle!  Wish me luck, I feel like I'll need it as he's not even two years old (it had been my ideal to have my kids between 2-3 years apart so they'd still be close and yet their own individuals.)  
Belle and Adam at Christmastime

(no subject)

Well I didn’t finish yesterday’s list but let’s see if I can get it done this time.  Anything that did not get finished yesterday will be added to today’s list.  Yesterday's list can be found on my tumblr( http://danceandmore/  I want to try and update this as I get stuff done.

  1. Wash off kitchen counters
  2. Do a load of laundry
  3. Fold Clothes (some folded, not all yet)
  4. Clean oven
  5. Put Clean Clothes away (some put away, not all)
  6. Clean toilet in Master Bathroom
  7. Clean floor of Master Bathroom
  8. Pick up 25 pieces off of Master Bathroom sink
  9. Check online Classes
  10. Pick up 25 pieces of stuff from Living Room Floor
  11. Pick up 25 pieces of stuff from War’N’s bedroom
  12. Fruitland Meats Run
  13. Pick up 25 pieces of stuff from Living Room Floor
  14. Clean Master Bathroom Mirror
  15. Sweep Kitchen floor
  16. Pick up 25 pieces of stuff from Living Room Floor
  17. Read homework for online Class (Ch.1 and Case Study 2)
  18. Pick up 25 pieces of Stuff from Master Bedroom
  19. Pick up 25 pieces of Stuff from War’N’s Bedroom
  20. Vacuum living room
  21. clean off Living room/Kitchen ledge
  22. Pick up 25 pieces of stuff from Master Bedroom
  23. Pick up 25 pieces of stuff from War’N’s bedroom
  24. “free task”
  25. “free task”
Kal-El and Lois dance

So I'm in the process of going through the Porn Battle prompts...

...and I noticed something interesting and curious all at the same time.  There's only been one person who's prompts Clark (or Superman)/Diana but there's been multiple people to prompt for Lois/Clark(Superman).  And that's not even taking into account all of the dozens of people prompting for the Smallville specific pairing.  I just have to hope that this means there is still a MUCH larger interest in Lois/Clark (Superman) porn (and pairing) than the Diana/Superman one.

On my JaNoWriMo front, I know I haven't really kept anyone up to date on my writing.  Well today I'm going to crow about it a little.  I promised myself that I'd write 25,000 words over the course of January on two stories I've had in the works for the last year or so.  They were actually initially started as one single story until I was convinced by my beta to split them into two (plus) and make it a series instead. 

I'm not up to date on my writing but I'm well on my way to being on track to make my 25,000 word count. 
Words written today: 1556 (keep in mind my daily goal was around 806 to 807)
Today's total word count is: 10,008
My Goal (for today's) word count is: 12,097
So I'm around 2000 or so short but if my writing for today is any indication, I expect to catch up to that by the end. 

The story I'm writing is a fanfic re-write of an episode so perhaps that is helping because I already have a little bit of a template.  It's a bit of a cheat, I'll give you that.  But as the series starts with a single twist in one episode I'm trying to explore how that one change affects the subsequent ones.  This one that I did a majority of the writing on didn't really change significantly (it was the B-plot if affected) but it plays a MUCH bigger role in episodes after the one I was doing the re-write of.

Belle and Adam at Christmastime

Merry Christmas everyone!

I want to wish everyone on my f-list a very Merry Christmas!  I know I don't hop over here very often (preferring to hang out on tumblr these days) but I do still attempt to read the posts that do pop up even if I don't respond much. 

To kalalanekent (basically Lois and Anissa) I want to wish an extra special one of getting to relax off of their feet.  Next year is going to be extra amazing no matter what happens (and even if Man of Steel is a success there will ALWAYS be a place in the Superman fandom for the Reeve movies, I'm certain of it.)

To januaried, I wish things had turned out better for you this year what with what happened at the end of last year.  I seriously hope (and expect) this year will be much better.  Enjoy your last year of college!  I know it can be difficult but it should be worth it in the long haul!

To ahavah, I love hearing how things are going in your creative endeavours!  Enjoyed hearing about the NaNo process this year and hope you made it to your word count!  I hope we can to a few word wars for JaNoWriMo!