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*Deep sigh*

I realized I never made this before so I guess now is the time.  Please bear with me while I try to add everything to a single list.


Dinner with Diane: General Beckman has dinner with a friend and has a realization about her team.  My first fanfic. Ever.  PG


One Night in Niagara: Written for Porn Battle IX.  Clark decides to be a little less of a gentleman after all.  A slight SII AU.  Link goes to a dreamwidth comment.  NC-17,   (written 1/19/2010) (Lois/Clark)

Time's Child: After Kal-El turned back time things haven't fully changed and consequences will be dealt with.  This is a WIP that I've had to shelve temporarily but I plan on going back to it at some point (Last updated May 18/2010) Up to PG-13/R (will be up to NC-17 by the end) (11,175 words as of 5/18) (Lois/Clark)
Prologue (157 words)
Chapter One: Flight to Metropolis (1,270 words)
Chapter Two: Divergence (441 words)
Chapter Three: Bullpen Redux (1,076 words)
Chapter Four: Prepping for Niagara (1,676 words)
Chapter Five: Testing His Resolve (885 words)
Chapter Six: Tour of Niagara Falls (1,597 words)
Chapter Seven: The Dance (1,440 words)
Chapter Eight: Night at the Honeymoon Suite (2,633 words)

Dream Journal Series:  Lois and Kal-El have some pretty vivid dreams and write about them.  Too bad they don't know they've been having the same ones. Both links go to the DCU freeforall Porn Battle.  NC-17 (Superman/Lois/Clark)

What an Erotic Dream: Lois's POV (1,256 words)
Niagara Falls Must Be Getting to Me: Clark's POV (1,462 words)

Alliance: Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van's alliance ceremony  (5/2/2010) G, (398 words) (Jor-El/Lara Lor-Van)

A Marriage of Convenience: Ursa and Zod enter into an Alliance a companion to Alliance (5/3/2010) G, (297 words) (Ursa/Zod)

A Friend to Rely On:  Jonathan needs some help on the farm and asks a friend to help.  (5/3/2010) G, (525 words) (Jonathan/Ben friendship)

Otisburg: A Superman: The Movie Missing Scene (6/4/2010) PG, (382 words) (Eve Tessmacher/Otis)

More Than One Way to Shoot a Bullet: Lois decides it's high time Clark knows. (5/23/2010) PG-13, (108 words) (Lois/Clark)

For the Good of the Earth: A Superman II AU/Elseworlds fic/series.  It asks the question, what if Kal-El never got his powers back?  What does this mean for Kal-El? Lois? The World?

Preparations: PG Lois/Clark, (892 words) (5/2/2010)

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

The Auction: PG Lois/Superman (Clark) An AU of a scene from "I'm Looking Through You."  What if Lois had won the auction?  This is intended to have a sequel but it is still in the plotting stage and thus a while down the row (posted 10/27/2012)
Tags: fanfic, fanfic: superman movies, index

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