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Fic: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Fic: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
Author's Note: januaried , I blame you!  The Manip below (icon above) was what inspired this fic.  Many thank yous to mithen  for reading this over and betaing. 

By athenesolon 

Spoilers: Nothing in particular.  Based upon the Kidder and Reeve interpretations of Lois and Clark so I guess characterization spoilers for Superman: The Movie and Superman II.  I think you might be able to imagine Bosworth and Routh but for me Reeve and Kidder have been and will be the movieverse Lois and Clark.

Paper crinkled as Clark pulled out the lunch he had brought with him. Metropolis was an expensive place to regularly eat out and Clark did everything he could to cut corners. Luckily his mother loved to work up a week’s worth of sack lunches for him despite his protestations whenever he visited. Unfortunately this was not one of those weeks and he was stuck with a soda pop and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The homemade wheat bread bulged nearly to bursting with the sticky strawberry jam and the fresh peanut butter.

Lois looked up from her work to smile at the sandwich, “got enough peanut butter there?” she asked with a quirk of her brows.

Clark ignored the comment in favor of taking a bite out of the sandwich. His mouth encompassed one corner of the sandwich but didn’t take into account the imminent spurt of stickiness which dribbled from one edge of the bread and onto Clark’s jacket. Lois hid her smile as she watched him frantically wipe at the sticky stain with a damp napkin. The coat finally free of the jelly, Clark flicked his finger down the edge of the sandwich and pulled his finger away with a thick globule. Slowly and deliberately Clark flicked his tongue out to taste the jelly before he slid his sticky finger between his lips to clean the excess off. Lois just stared as he licked and suckled the thick, creamy peanut butter from his finger. Totally focused on the oily texture and mild peanut taste mingled with the fresh homemade preserves he was oblivious to Lois’s reaction. His eyes flicked up to notice Lois watching in rapt anticipation. His head quirked in a perplexed manner. He slowly removed the cleaned finger from his lips. “What?” he asked.

“Huh?” Lois asked enthralled. Thoughts flicked through her mind but not a one of them were appropriate for work, let alone her shy work deskmate.

Clark’s blue-grey eyes blinked owlishly for a moment behind his glasses. “You just looked a little out of it a moment there Lois, is everything all right?”

She shook the cobwebs from her mind “fine, just…” she paused as she took in a deep breath and said “Fine!” with a little more cheer than the question required and a smile on her face. “Now if you’ll excuse me I need to take a break,” she said as she jumped up and grabbed her purse before making a hasty retreat to the women’s restroom.

Clark looked down at his peanut butter sandwich, his brows furrowed before his mind put the dots together. His eye lit up at the revelation and his smirked slightly, his mind whirling a mile a minute trying to find a good way to make the most of his high ground.

An hour and a good cigarette later, Lois returned to her desk a good deal more put together than earlier. Her heels clicked and clattered as she strode quickly through the busy bullpen. Clark’s head popped up as he heard her distinctive fast and light clip as she moved through the building. Only Lois moved with such assurance. Lois smiled at him and plopped into her chair. She propped her legs up on the desk in front of her and flipped through her notes, showing just a glimpse of her satiny stocking-covered thighs.

Clark gulped but forged forward anyway. “Uh Lois,” Clark began, “I-I have a pair of tickets to the Metropolis Opera…Don Quixote,” he stumbled a bit before he took a breath. Finally finding his innate confidence a bit, “Would you like to go?”

Lois glanced up from her work, her eyes a twinkle, “I’d like-“ she started.

“Lois! Clark! Get in here!” Perry bellowed before he strode back into his office, an assignment for a “married couple” in his hands.


Jul. 21st, 2010 08:47 pm (UTC)
Aww!! XD So freakin' adorable. I just love how clueless Clark is at first. And Lois's payback is priceless. ^_~

But gods, that ending! Damn.

Jul. 22nd, 2010 02:24 am (UTC)
[info]But gods, that ending! Damn.

I know! But here's the thing, in my mind's eye it's NOT the Niagara Honeymoon racket but probably something similar to it. The way Lois commented on Perry's Sunday exposes tells me they've been pushed into that situation at least one other time. What? I wish I knew.


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