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HEEE!! I'm in the News... Well... sorta.

I've mentioned on here in passing off and on for the last month so I guess I should tell you what it's all about and then post the link.  A while back I saw on the blog I'm going to link to that the local community theater had been having a hard time finding people to take on the female roles in the local community theater.  I'd been in a few plays before but a whole BUNCH of musicals and I had been missing getting the chance to "be someone else" so I thought I would give it a go.  I got cast as Emma Lockwood who is the wife of the film director who is accused of murdering someone.  She's originally in her 60s but luckily they bumped her age back so she's probably in her mid 30s.  She has a bit of a heart condition (I'm treating it as a heart murmur) and has to relax (which she hates). 

The play is set in 1963 France where Henry Lockwood, Emma and his secretary Miriam have gone so they could premiere the film.  While there Henry is interviewed by Alain Duplay an exceptionally harsh critic who apparently adores Mr. Lockwood.  Henry and Alain go to the premiere and Miriam is confronted by a woman who claims she was involved with Mr. Lockwood.  Miriam then convinces the woman to sell her the letters which she planned on destroying but did not make the exchange that evening the next day they are showing on of Mr. Lockwood's movies when a woman threatens Mr. Lockwood's life and accuses him of murdering her sister. Did he do it or is there more at play than what it seems?

If you're expecting to be in Cape Girardeau on September 3,4,9,10,or 11 come to Port Cape and see "Panic!"

Link to my bio here.

P.S.   Sorry for the pimpage but I just had to get it out.  I'm just really exactied about the play and it's been taking up ANY time I might use to write a story.


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Aug. 21st, 2010 11:01 pm (UTC)
Congratulations on making the cast. I would be super-psyched, as well, so the pimpage is more than understandable and okay in my book, LOL. =)

I hope you have a great time and it leads to more roles!
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