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Just finished watching "Inception."  It was kinda freaky for me and while I loved every minute of it a thought kept popping up with it came to the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Cobb.  "Wow, talk about the dark side of soulmate love." In some ways I'm finding myself equating Cobb's decision to plant the suggestion/idea that the dream was real even after they awoke with that of Kal-El/Clark's at the end of Lester's version of Superman II.  That we would love her so much that in order to make her happy in the short term he would do something that drastic and life-altering negatively in the long-term is something that has me shifting in my chair in discomfort.  I've always said that I want to believe in soulmates but something like that makes me rethink that belief a bit.... but only a bit. 

For some reason I was mixing my Greek myths up a bit when I heard the architect's name was Ariadne.  For some odd reason I was thinking of her as a "dreamweaver" and mixed her up with Arachne.  Believe me when I got home I was extremely red-faced in shame over that considering how well I know the myths about Athena (considering she's my favorite Greek character you would understand why). 


Belle and Adam at Christmastime

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Teaser for For the Good of the Earth

"General Lane, thank you for coming, President Thomas Anderson said as he shook the man's hand, "How is Mad Dog Lane?"

"As well as can be expected. You know how things get with reporters." They share a laugh at that comment.

"At least she's gotten off of your back with the interviews considering her current topic," the president said referring to Lois's series of interviews with Superman.

"And now it's MY turn to attempt to do the grilling. Let's just say she's a LOT more secretive about Superman that even I am about classified programs. I can't get more out of her than what she writes about him in her articles except that she seems to have a thing for him."

"Well Lois has never wanted the normal life now, has she?"

General Lane contemplated the president's comment and then said lightly, "No, no you're right about that."
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