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Merry Christmas everyone!

I want to wish everyone on my f-list a very Merry Christmas!  I know I don't hop over here very often (preferring to hang out on tumblr these days) but I do still attempt to read the posts that do pop up even if I don't respond much. 

To kalalanekent (basically Lois and Anissa) I want to wish an extra special one of getting to relax off of their feet.  Next year is going to be extra amazing no matter what happens (and even if Man of Steel is a success there will ALWAYS be a place in the Superman fandom for the Reeve movies, I'm certain of it.)

To januaried, I wish things had turned out better for you this year what with what happened at the end of last year.  I seriously hope (and expect) this year will be much better.  Enjoy your last year of college!  I know it can be difficult but it should be worth it in the long haul!

To ahavah, I love hearing how things are going in your creative endeavours!  Enjoyed hearing about the NaNo process this year and hope you made it to your word count!  I hope we can to a few word wars for JaNoWriMo!


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Dec. 25th, 2012 06:03 am (UTC)
Thanks so very much, and Merry Christmas to you & your family as well! I did indeed make my 50k for NaNo, giving me my third win in a row! Out of 7 years trying though. lol Hopefully I shall win all of them from now on. Hope that counts for JaNo too. I'm glad you'll be doing it with me!
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