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So I'm in the process of going through the Porn Battle prompts...

...and I noticed something interesting and curious all at the same time.  There's only been one person who's prompts Clark (or Superman)/Diana but there's been multiple people to prompt for Lois/Clark(Superman).  And that's not even taking into account all of the dozens of people prompting for the Smallville specific pairing.  I just have to hope that this means there is still a MUCH larger interest in Lois/Clark (Superman) porn (and pairing) than the Diana/Superman one.

On my JaNoWriMo front, I know I haven't really kept anyone up to date on my writing.  Well today I'm going to crow about it a little.  I promised myself that I'd write 25,000 words over the course of January on two stories I've had in the works for the last year or so.  They were actually initially started as one single story until I was convinced by my beta to split them into two (plus) and make it a series instead. 

I'm not up to date on my writing but I'm well on my way to being on track to make my 25,000 word count. 
Words written today: 1556 (keep in mind my daily goal was around 806 to 807)
Today's total word count is: 10,008
My Goal (for today's) word count is: 12,097
So I'm around 2000 or so short but if my writing for today is any indication, I expect to catch up to that by the end. 

The story I'm writing is a fanfic re-write of an episode so perhaps that is helping because I already have a little bit of a template.  It's a bit of a cheat, I'll give you that.  But as the series starts with a single twist in one episode I'm trying to explore how that one change affects the subsequent ones.  This one that I did a majority of the writing on didn't really change significantly (it was the B-plot if affected) but it plays a MUCH bigger role in episodes after the one I was doing the re-write of.

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