athenesolon (athenesolon) wrote,

This is my "oh what an afternoon" Rant...

I have had a fun (sarcasm semi-intended) afternoon and evening today.

I went to take my sixteen month old out to my favorite hobby shop so I get him ready to go (actually was not that bad) and get out to our van and him strapped in.  I go to turn on my vehicle and.... nothing.  Nada.  The battery was kaput.  I figured it had to have been an accident on my part (I'm known for forgetting to turn off the headlights during the rain) and that things would be resolved when my husband came home for lunch and gave me a jump.  Uh. Uh.  Wouldn't even click of give any indication that it was working.  So we pullk the battery out and after dropping hubby off at work War'N Peace and I head over to Wal-Mart so they can figure out whether it's a battery problem or something else.  it had only 4 amps out of 700.  So they go to try and charge it and it goes into a major testing mode, making it so it wouldn't be done by the time I had to go pick hubby up from work (the fact that they were testing it didn't bother me because we needed to get a few staples to fill in the gaps.)  After going to pick up hubby, we head back to Wal-Mart to find out whether the battery was bad.  Apparently the testing said that it was a bad battery and needed to be replaced.  So they went and replaced it (as no cost to us) because it was less than three years old.  So we get home and place the battery back where it belongs and try to start it up.  The van alarm goes crazy.  Hubby and I are shouting over the horn to be heard (I needed to find my keys that I apparently had misplaced after we tried to charge the van.)  I couldn't find it and hubby accidentally locks both his and my backup set of keys into the van by accident.  On top of that, hubby had locked his car at some point making it so NEITHER vehicle was accessible.

The little silver lining in the situation: While I was not able to find my car keys (they're the only ones with the security fob for the van) I managed to find the valet key for my hubby's car so he can at least get to work in a pinch.

Sometimes I hate having ADHD.
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