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Sorry I've been MIA for a while...

I have just been mentally busy with keeping War'N Peace occupied that the only way I can get online (besides for reading purposes) is through hubby's IPad.  As we don't have any add-on pieces (keyboards, etc) it's a bear to get anything written on it.  So I'll try and give a quick update.

1) Went to see "Man of Steel on Thursday June 13th.  I enjoyed it but was withholding judgement on it until I saw it on Friday with htbthomas and argentum_ls

2) Took the train up from Carbondale to Chicago to meet up with htbthomas and argentum_ls so we could all see it together and meet each other.  I had a really fun time despite the baby starting to make walking around difficult.  When I got to the Chicago Union Station I knew for certain that a major scene was filmed there.  I distinctly recognized it.  Unfortunately I accidentally left my fanfic that I was working on while on the train and my wallet in argentum's vehicle (luckily I had backup cash and card in my backup in case of just this sort of situation) so other than having to make an extra trip out to argentum's family the next day all was not lost.  htbthomas and I spent the morning and early afternoon at the Field museum before heading back to our hotel room to relax and then head out to argentum's family's place.  That was a minor adventure (for me) in and of itself.  I said my farewells to htbthomas at the suburban train line before heading back.  Unfortunately the McCormick Place stop is not an option to get off at on the weekends so I had to trek back from the Museums stop to get back to the hotel.  By that point I was a little too tired to try and go back out for dinner so I just had my leftovers from lunch and relaxed in the hotel room (thank god our room had a mini fridge!)  Next morning I took the buses out to Union Station and headed home.  I had upgraded my seat to a business class seat when I purchased my train tickets because it was the exact same price as the general seat that I had going into Chicago.  I was glad I did.  I was able to relax and my back was given a break in a way that it wasn't on the way up.  Made it home with no real difficulties.  I think I'll be taking the train again in the future if I decide to make a Chicago trip again (at least one on my own).

3) Went to an old friend's baby meet and greet yesterday.  I hadn't seen her in years but I'd talked to her for a while online.  Met her new husband and her one month old.  He was absolutely adorable!

4) We're about two months away from the due date and NO we do NOT have a name picked out.  We have a spreadsheet of over 50 names, many of which were rejected the last round.  We have a while (we didn't pick out War'N Peace's first and middle name until we were in the hospital waiting for the time for him to be born.)

4) I just saw the news yesterday about the sequel to Man of Steel (that may not technically be a sequel but a Batman reboot/Superman team-up).  I'm not keen on this.  I think it's rushing things to make a teamup before establishing the characters fully.  I mean Ironman had two films to his name before they added in Thor and Captain America to make "The Avengers" (I've seen all of them, and only one of them on the home screen).  I seriously think they're rushing it and going to lose out in the long run.  I would have been excited for a MoS sequel that stood on it's own feet.  There were so many things hinted at within that universe and not enough hints towards an outgrowth of it yet.  By adding in Batman before those establishing hints they are jumping the gun.  I've taken a day to process the news and I think this a little disconcerting.


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Jul. 21st, 2013 04:42 pm (UTC)
I had a fun weekend with you, too!

I'm not sure how I feel about the World's Finest news myself. I guess I'll reserve judgment for now, all these reboots have so much potential to be either crap, or great. :)
Jul. 22nd, 2013 12:36 pm (UTC)
I think Steve Younis. Editor of the Superman Homepage pretty much boiled down my thoughts to a T. This is too early. This doesn't allow the character to define himself before building the universe around him. whether it will be a team up or if it will be batman vs Superman is the question that is also bein debated.
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