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2013 in Review...

After a long, LONG hiatus I'm finally in the mood to post something.  I let my LJ go for TOO long.  I have had so many different things happen this year!

January: War'n Peace has his first birthday.  We didn't invite any children other than his cousin (who lives too far away to make it) as we didn't know anyone his own age.  Instead we invited family and close friends over.  He didn't seem to mind too much.  I also started classes for the final time in my bachelors degree, taking a History of Mass Media course.

February: I get hit with exciting news, I was expecting!  Felt sick the whole time, thus ruining any potential birthday date-night.

March: Go to see my mother-in-law out where she lives for a week, sadly missing a comic con in St. Louis where Dean Cain was going to make an appearance.

April: the Cape Girardeau Comic-Con, was lots of fun.  Sadly, I did not have my "Lois and Clark: Ultra Woman" costume done by that point and my body had already started going bonkers, making the unitard base irrelevant.  Maybe 2014 it will be ready.

May: I Graduate!  I didn't walk as that was happening the exact same day that Vickie was going to Walk (she graduated from my mother's alma mater) on Mother's Day weekend.  Instead, we made a trip up to St. Louis to see my sister and have brunch with my (91 year old) grandma and my Aunt and Uncle from Oregon.

June: Man of Steel is released!  Went to see it the Thursday before though the Walmart premiere at 8pm that night.  It was the first date night we'd had since finding out I was pregnant.  The next morning I drive off to Carbondale to hop on an Amtrak bus to Chicago to meet htbthomas and argentum to see it with fellow fans.  It was fun to see all of the easter eggs in it and talk about it with people that enjoyed Superman.  Also posted the first  part of a Reeve-specific story that jumps off from the point Clark loses his powers.  I haven't yet posted it here because it still needs to see the light of a beta before I'm ready.  The blurb on my LJ is from that story.

August: I get sick and have to go into the hospital to be put on fluids to keep myself from being dehydrated and having an extremely early delivery.

September: I have a near repeat of that morning in August after going to a parade with my (then one and a half year old) son and get overheated.  After drinking almost a gallon of water the contractions slow down significantly but don't stop.  Instead I spend the day at a relatives house just in case things went south again.  They don't.  Two days before my due date I wake up, make me and my son breakfast.  After eating I stand up and "boom" goes the first real contraction I've felt since those dehydration events that sent me worriedly to the hospital.  And hour later we load both myself and my son into the car where I tote myself up to the L&D area while my husband waits with our son before his relative comes to pick him up.  My husband came upstairs just in time for them to officially admit me.  Only three hours later Solomon Lionel Cody is born at 1:20pm.  He's surprised me with being able to sleep 6-8 hours at night despite being a purely breastfed baby.

October: We have an extremely wet Halloween, complete with Solomon in the Bjorn (a front-facing baby carrier) dressed to look like a Silver Beetle.  War'N Peace was a little lion.  He got his costume soaked after we went to the library for their little Halloween Costume Parade.  I changed him and sent him to bed for naptime while it dried out and it was ready when he went out with his daddy while I stayed home with Solomon and gave out Candy.  I had the news on because there had been threats of more rain.  It was a good thing I did because about a half-hour before dusk, I found out there was a confirmed tornado headed our way.  I called my hubby to tell him to get them home only to find out.... he left his cell at home!  Luckily about five minutes after the HEAVY rain he burst in through the back door carrying War'n no worse for the wear, if only a little wet.

November: Nothing too special, except hitting my head (hard) on a wall at church while trying to carry my one son and urge my second up to the balcony.

December: Get admonished to keep control of my (not even) 2 year old during church service and not make others do it for me.  Go to an engagement party for my step-sister that included a traditional Indian Puj ceremony (only a few days before Christmas) and go to a party Christmas Eve at my dad's that was EXTREMELY cozy (far less space that even my family's Christmas parties used to be before mom passed and dad remarried with far MORE people than our house ever hosted for Christmas).  New Year's Eve was at a friend's house (who lives adjacent to us).

Expect a resolution post to be posted soon.


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