athenesolon (athenesolon) wrote,

Resolutions 2014!

Well this is a bit late but here it is.

  1. Get one story finished and started posting.  Which story is up to me.  Feel free to prod me on the ones you're interested in. (I'll post a list of the ones I'm working on these days).

  2. Buy and move into a new house by the end of the year.  We've held off on this for far, FAR too long.

  3. Birthday parties for both boys.  After my experience when I was younger and no one showed up to one I planned myself I don't want that experience for the boys.

  4. Get the living room clean with minimal toys. (that's a bit generalized and I'll be happy if I get it that way four or five times this year.)

  5. Make dinner at home for a full month.  This one's just so I can compare it against a standard month (where we eat out about once a month).  In addition to this one, try and come up with taste-alike crust and such for Papa John's (I like their food, not the founder's philosophy in business so much.)

  6. Schedule at least one date night without the boys at home a month.

  7. Try to read more books that are NOT for the boys.  I've got to feel a bit more adult.

  8. Do more research on breweries/brewing history or newspapers in Cape Girardeau.

  9. Split and re-write my senior paper on the Cape Girardeau newspapers into two articles to submit to the Heartland Heritage Collection (which is the local history museum's collection of historical anecdotes.)

Tags: 2014, resolutions

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