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Story: "The Auction" (Lois/Clark[Superman])

Story: The Auction
Universe: Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Pairing: Lois/Superman(Clark)
Notes: An AU of "I'm Looking Through You."  Don't worry it diverges pretty significantly early on.  This was originally posted on the Lois and Clark Fanfic Message Boards under the name "Christina"
Disclaimer: There are segments of this base upon the auction scene in "I'm Looking Through You" written by Deborah Joy Levine.  All rights belong to her and DC.  No copyright infringement is intended.  This is solely a fan work and I have not nor will not receive any income from it. 

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Kal-El and Lois dance

Finally an Update!

It's been a while so I thought I would leave a quick "hello again!" post.  So here's where things are lately.

1) War'n Peace is just starting to walk!  It's only a step or two here or there but it's only a matter of time.  He's also getting in two more teeth, bringing his total to 8 baby teeth. He seems to be enjoying daycare but that's only two days a week. 

2) My UltraWoman cosplay outfit is in the process of being developed.  If I can get the cape done I'll wear the Work in Progress for Halloween as a generic "SuperMom."  It's seriously doubtful anyone will know the costume while we're out so I'm not too worried that the unitard that I currently have for it is the wrong color (it's a dull hot pink versus a lavender/fuschia color.)  After Halloween I'll dig into finding a new unitard in the right color in time for the Cape Comic Con in April.  If nothing else I want it done in time for the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL in June.

3) Things at the museum are moving along well.  We've had our annual treasure tag sale at the beginning of Sept. and now we're in a slow lull before winter arrives and we officially close for the year in December.  After we're closed I'm looking forward to developing our steamboat exhibit again.  We've had one for a number of years but it's been revamped and every time it's been revamped it's gotten smaller and smaller and smaller.  Now that the steamboats are once again making an appearance in Cape Girardeau we're going to redesign it to be at least as relevant to local history as it was to the overarching history of the Mississippi River.  I'm excited about it.  In the meantime I've been given the go to start a monthly feature on our Facebook page I'm tentatively calling "Artifact of the Month."  I'll be writing up a blurb about an item that probably won't be on display in a year or two and a little background about it.  It's one way to check to see if we still have it (as items get lost all the time) and where it is in our collection, a little bit about it, and get it into our database we have so many collection items that have not made it on display and unless we set up our exhibits as a bunch of ONE kind of item things never will be seen.  It's sadly not uncommon for this to occur with all museums.  This is just our way of letting the public have another way of accessing these items, some of which may never be shown.

4) I have a few new fanfics to add over here based upon the "Lois and Clark" versions of Lois and Clark/Superman so whenever I have time I'll post them here.  If you're not that patient,  head over to the "Lois and Clark Fanfiction Message Boards" and look up any stories by "Christina."

5) Speaking of writing, I realized a bit ago that it was NanoWriMo time but I just don't have the time to devote to it between War'n, the fanfics I'm so far into that I need to do more editing than writing on them, my cosplay outfit, my schoolwork and the museum exhibit.  I'm sorry I can't.  I am looking forward to rooting on the people who are participating though.

6) School hasn't been going well and that's kind of a bad thing.  We've been paying to put War'n Peace into a daycare two days a week so that I could (it had been hoped) finish up taking classes so I would at least have some kind of degree (a bachelors).  I am taking four classes.  The problem for me was (and still is) I haven't yet figured out a system that will let me get my schoolwork done and have time to study for the classes.  As a result, I've been getting fairly poor grades in all of them.  Sometimes I wish I didn't have ADHD.  I think I might be able to salvage two of them (they're both Ds currently) but that still puts me at least one to two semesters away from graduating.  Hubby had been funding two of the four of these courses in the expectation that I would graduate (as well as the daycare.)  Now that's likely to be out the window (meaning I'll need to limit my coursework to 1 class a semester as that's what I'd be able to afford with my job.)

So that's where I am right now.  How are you doing?
Superman and Ultra Woman

War'N Peace, UltraWoman and School Mass Post

Warning: mass post on multiple different topics ahead. 

War 'N is crawling like crazy these days!  I love calling out "baby on the move!" when I see him crawling his way from his bedroom into the computer room or little nooks that we don't exactly want him going.  We've blocked off a portion of the house that's not babyproofed yet but there's been a few instances where he's circumvented it.  In addition, he's also regularly attempting to get to stuff that's on the couches.  We've pretty much just let him attempt it because it means that he's regularly getting up on his legs and testing them out.  It's only a matter of time before he's walking at this rate!  When he's in the computer room daddy's given up on keeping him away from ALL of the electronics and gave him an old PS (version one) controller and a usb keyboard (not plugged in) for him to play with.  He also had two teeth on the bottom and two on top that are JUST ready to come in. 

Today I took him to get some professional pictures taken so that daddy can have some at his desk for his birthday.  Daddy has been nixing all of the ones I've taken for one reason or another (either too cloudy, to fuzzy or just plain not that well situated... I just think he's picky.) 

A while back I thought about making an outfit that Lois (as a superhero) wore.  I had been torn between the Super-Lois from All-Star superman and the UltraWoman outfit from "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (the image above.)  I had originally decided on the Super-Lois outfit but when I found out I was pregnant it got put on hold.  Then afterward I realized that it was going to be a doozy of a costume to make and I figured that the UltraWoman one was a lot simpler so I started on it.  I got the unitard too late to make it for this year's local comic-con (and it's pink, not purple) but I'm working on it in the hopes that I'll have it ready in time for Halloween and tweaked enough so that it's perfected by the April Comic-Con and the June Superman Celebration.

I finished painting the mask I purchased.  It's a mass-produced mask so it doesn't go down to my cheekbones as much as the one above but it doesn't look too bad. 

If everything works out and I pass all four classes this semester, it will be the last one until I attempt to work on a masters (which may be a few years so that I have some time to pay off my current loans and allow time to have two more kids.)  This has meant that I've had to look into day care two days a week for Warren but hopefully just two days a week will not be that bad. 

For those that may or may not know, I work for a museum that is a combination of a local history museum and a Mississippi River Museum.  Well, my Interim director has given me a task to research and prepare an exhibit on my town as a River City based on the collections we have on hand.  It's going to take a little doing on my part because I don't have as much time as I would like to research beyond the collections so we can have a better exhibit but hopefully I can come up with a good one for when we have the Curator of the UMSL Maritime and Mercantile Library and Archives come speak at our museum.

Oh!  I haven't posted my stories here!  I'll get "The Winner" on here soon.  It's a "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" fanfic that is an AU of the auction scene from "I'm Looking Through You."  Now if only I could get the sequel to it finished...
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Writer's Block: Superman

I enjoy reading comic books, both old and new.  Do I own a collection of comics pre-current and current?  Yes.  Do I have many of the DCnU?  No.  My pre reboot collection is WAY larger (and I expect it to remain that way for a while.)  I am purchasing the Superman Family Adventures (two of them each edition... one to read and get torn up by my son when he's old enough to be read comics to and one for nostalgic purposes when he gets older) and the Smallville Season 11.  I had been purchasing the Superman comics of the DCnU during the first arc (6 comics) but after the first writer left it shifted significantly and I didn't care for it.  I seriously hated most of Morrison's writing of Action Comics (Action #9 being the only one of them I've bought or could stomach and that one was written to be a stand alone.)  So am I an avid comic book reader?  I guess, but not really of the DCnU.  With that said, my favorite comic book superhero is Superman.  My favorite comic book character period is Lois Lane, though (although Clark really does warrant an extremely close second.)  I do find it telling that I'm not buying the main line of the DC version of them though.  I don't think the DCnU has done a good enough job to warrant my hard earned (and very little) money.  Due to this I've been focusing my attention on the older (i.e. pre-reboot, which also BTW includes Bronze/Silver Age comics) and turning my attention to the fandoms of "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" and Reeveverse.  Not that I didn't enjoy Smallville, but I was never really into that story's fandom and I didn't really care for the first couple of years (the last couple however?  Magic.)

Speaking of my fandoms.  I have stories just this close to being ready to print/post and yet I just can't get up the courage to get them posted.  *le sigh.*
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Sorry I haven't kept you guys updated...

...but my husband and I have an announcement to make! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 8:07am "War n Peace" (hubby came up with the nickname for this journal, it's rather close) came into this world an adorable 7 pounds 4 ounces and 20.5 inches long. It was a long labor, with contractions starting on the 10th but the actual delivery over 36 hours later.  At the same time I surprised the nurses when I decided I didn't want to do any medications (I was afraid of either slowing down the actual delivery as most of the meds seem to do or affecting the baby with the medication as some of the alternatives to epidurals have been known to do.)
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The Year in Review

January 2nd: A Post on Kodachrome film

February 3rd: a post about Illya Salkind being missing in Mexico (it ended up being a fairly false alarm.)

March 1st: A Post Birthday update (I had lots of fun contra dancing with hubby.)

April 1st: A weird dream about museums

May 1st: A post about Bin Laden's death.

June 2nd: A post about a book that might be a bit of "muse food" at some point for my Superman stories

July 3rd: A post about being sick while still needing to be at the museum to keep it staffed

August 14th: An idea post about attempting something along the lines of NaNoWriMo for dancers/choreographers by creating a dance to be performed at the end of the month.

September 3rd: I reposted a good portion of a tumblr post on DC Women Kicking Ass that showcases the strength of the Lois and Clark marriage and is a ode to the determination those two had in maintaining their marriage in the face of large odds.

October 13th: About the fan film "Superman Requiem."  I still need to watch it even though it's out.

November 7th: About NanoWriMo and the word count for it.

December 7th: Wrote about finishing the first draft of a couple of "L&C: TNAOS" fanfic, mentioned taking a childbirth class and that I was 35 weeks into it. 

And today: I'm 38 (almost 39 weeks) pregnant so the little one could come any day now.  I couldn't go to see my family for Christmas because after 36 weeks my doc doesn't want us driving as far as STL (it's about an 1 1/2 to 2hr drive each way) but luckily most of hubby's family lives down our way so we spent both Christmas eve day and Christmas Day with them (at least until I has a few contractions which sent me home to relax... the contractions weren't close enough to worry about and they stopped fairly quickly.)  Last night wasn't quite as nice to me, I did not get a good nights rest, getting up every hour to be sick.  Apparently something I had for lunch didn't agree with my body so I ended up missing dinner and doing that all night.  Today I've been forcing myself to eat simple foods in the hope that my body will be nicer to me.  So far it has besides the occasional contraction.) 
Sexy Clark

(no subject)

- Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
- Turn to page 56.
- Find the fifth sentence.
- Post that sentence along with these instructions on your journal.
- Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST.

"But it was difficult with his strong hands holding her the way they were." -Enchanted: Erotic Bedtime stories for Women by Nancy Madore (the story is "Cat and Mouse."
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December Updates

Just finished my first "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" fanfic and just need to do a first edit before trying to find an LnC specific beta (characterization is the end all and be all to me of any canon-derived story as the I've finished are.)  I was just looking over some of my stories and see that there might be one or two Reeveverse- derived (In the "For the Good of the Earth" Universe) stories that might make their way out of the gate assuming I can find a beta for them. 

I considered taking up a 12 days of Clois Challenge but I don't have any stories in the works that fit any of the images so I may let it drop this year.  Last year I ended up with not even a single word on the story concept that I wanted to work on so I don't want to take anything on until I know what I'm going to attempt and at this time there isn't a Christmas story concept so I'll let this one pass I guess.

In RL, finally got around to going to the Childbirth class and it really didn't go over the breathing techniques much.  Hubby and I still need to get the library ready but we at least moved the futon out of there so that we'd have room for a bassinet or crib when it comes time.  Embarrassingly I have not had the mental attention to plan a baby shower for the family so that may end up happening AFTER he comes (his due date is January 10th.)  We finally have names chosen.  "Names" because we narrowed the list we had of almost 40 down to six choices complete with middle names.  One or two of the names have been growing on John and I but we're going to wait officially until he comes and we can see him with one name or another.  I'm into my 35th week and my back has started to really bother me.  I've quit doing ballet warmups because my technique is WAY out of whack (and there's a very good possibility I may have to go back to scratch after I have him anyway.)  I know I shouldn't just quit on it as I enjoy it but it's also starting to bug my body and as I'm not performing or practicing in a class setting I'm not going to force myself.  As my hips reshape themselves and my abdomen weakens to accommodate the baby, I've had to let ballet fall by the wayside. 

My Museum Studies class is just winding down.  I had a presentation on a museum I chose to analyze and write on.  I ended up choosing the River Discover Center in Paducah, KY.  It's a little weird.  Officially it's classified as a history museum but other than a few exhibits at the beginning, it's more of a poor science/technological museum.  The exhibit that keeps children coming back is the simulator of what it's like to drive a towboat on the Ohio River.  From visiting a few times, I have to take my notes and turn it into a paper, I'm finding this a bit easier than I initially expected. 
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Crack. Complete and utter Crack...

But considering the reboot/relaunch/re-whatever I couldn't help but watch it.  It's a fanvid called "Losing Lois Lane."  Basically Jimmy (which looks nothing like the "real Jimmy" but neither does the "real Superman" so I can forgive it it's foibles, especially since it's supposed to be comedy) makes a documentary chronicling Superman following Lois dumping him (and it does sound like SHE Dumped him fully aware of who he is, of course making a mockery of the basis of Superman that S&S put together but that's why it's crack-fic/vid for me.)  I had a hard time watching it honestly but I wanted to eventually see it to the end so I did.  It was absurd to me in the extreme that it would happen at all this way.  They also made Clark/Superman WAY smaller than all of the other male characters save Jimmy himself (I suspect that was intentional) to the point where it was part of the humor.  I just think they may have gone a little over the top.

FTR, I actually am enjoying the Superman comics (not so much Action) even though Lois and Clark are not even seeing each other and from what I can tell even a romantic/sexual tension element to their relationship.